Tree surveys

The trees and their wood

Accurate analysis into a tree’s internal conditions is fundamental in preventing future issues. For example, a tree can withstand soil imbalances for long periods of time, but then suddenly collapse under certain weather conditions. This is why at Il Giardino di De Pra we pride ourselves in using non-invasive methods like the three-dimensional ultrasonic tomograph: an innovative process capable of finding potential problems by looking at the inside of the wood.

The 3D tomograph

The 3D tomograph subjects the tree to a three-dimensional CT scan. The collected data is sent to a laptop for processing. The result is a detailed image of the scanned section: the conditions of the wood become visible on the screen in what is known as a 3D tomogram. If the wood tissue shows an abnormality during the scan our team can swiftly get to work to prevent a problem from ensuing.

Another very useful tool is the resistograph which measures resistance to provide data on the internal state of the wood.

Interested in an accurate root diagnosis?

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