IL GIARDINO di De Pra also offers a range of terraces that are always in tune with our client’s needs, providing firstly an in-depth technical consultation followed by solutions that really optimise the given space.

Rediscover the senses and find inner peace in you back garden.

But what does it mean to create your dream terrace?
The perfect terrace is the result of careful planning, which means focusing on the space available, the furnishings and the final details, such as planters that are made to measure and filled with plants that are chosen based on their colours, scents and how they will affect the microclimate that characterises every terrace. The result is a harmonious balance between style and environment, the natural and the man-made.

Terrace Portfolio

Our office garden, sown from the different requirements we have received over the years, has always been home to our horticultural trials and experiments.

Native trees line the garden’s edges, concealing a fountain, a small pond filled with goldfish and an ample orchard with cherries, plums, apples, figs, quinces, medlars, hazelnuts and jujubes.

Additionally, in a more secluded part of the garden, close to the office, you can find our Mediterranean plants such as the Strawberry tree, Cork oak, and the Olive tree, etc. There is also a vegetable patch for families: beginner veggie cultivation that brings changes from season to season.

And we cannot forget about the collections of irises, roses, peonies and daylilies that bring colour and perfume to the garden all year round.

All praise for our garden goes to Emanuela who, through her passion and creativity, gifts us with surprises time after time.

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