Recovering historic / environmental areas

Monumental trees

What is the intervention process in a recovery project in areas with historic/environmental value? In the initial assessment we start by defining every detail of a visual and instrumental analysis of the area’s vegetation and of course that of the monumental trees.

Important aspects to assess are not only the health of these impressive specimens, but also the historic context that come with them, protecting them through operations such as:
– pruning specifically to rebalance the crown;
– anchorage and consolidation;
– top dressing and soil decompacting with specific tools and products.

Recovering Natural Areas

Over the years, IL GIARDINO has had the pleasure of launching an extraordinary collaboration to recover the Island of Stalis, a place very dear to the famous Italian writer Ippolito Nievo. The project’s direction was entrusted to the architect Paolo De Rocco, expert and master of the Friulian landscape, who worked with our company to restore the island’s greenery, all while protecting its artistic and historic quality.

This is just one of several recovery projects for areas with great ecological and environmental importance. Such projects demand experience, awareness and careful consideration, respecting the balance of precious systems about which often little is known, such as the Prati Burovich di Sesto – a park in Reghena – or the Biotopo dell’Antico Cimitero Ebraico di San Vito – a park in Tagliamento.

Restoring Historic Gardens

Equally valuable are historic gardens, green gems set into the Italian landscape that have evolved with it through the ages and that today have immense arboreal value.
Projects of this kind require research and the ability to understand complex areas; thus expertise and awareness are essential in order to work on these projects with the utmost respect for the space, understanding the value of its different elements so that the finished renovation can display newly added elements that work in tune with the evolutionary logic of the site and with ecological and environmental sustainability in mind.
There are several historic gardens that have been restored by our artisan team, such as the Giardino di Palazzo Altan in San Vito al Tagliamento, or the Castello di Montecchio Vesponi in Castiglion Fiorentino, just to name a couple.

Interested in having an area of historic/environmental value surveyed for a restoration?

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