At Il Giardino di De Pra we specialise in designing and realising green spaces of all sizes, from the simplest ideas to the most complex. All our projects are built around our client’s needs, respecting the natural balance of the land being worked on and paying close attention to the environmental dynamics, all with the intention of turning our gardens into spaces that offer not only aesthetic elements but also ecological value.
In all our work, from natural gardens to rockeries, green roofs to terraces, homes to public places, we aim to breath new life into forgotten places: anything is possible thanks to our highly qualified staff and the artisanal knowhow of our suppliers and collaborators.

Our creations take you on a journey to rediscover nature.

Our clients not only have access to services and solutions, but also:

– many years of experience in the field of environmental management;
– care and attention in all phases, from the idea, to its design, to its creation;
– obtaining natural balance between human intervention and the environment;
– harmonious results that are made to measure and enhance the area’s aesthetic value.

Find out more about our process and our previous creations

Parks and Gardens

An overview of the various types of parks and gardens we have created over the years, from classic to oriental, from rustic-chic to hedge mazes.


The perfect terrace is the result of careful planning and coordinating all the required elements, such as purpose-built planters, furniture, colour palette and, last but by no means not least, plants.

Green roofs

Technologically advanced roof gardens that liven up the environmental aesthetic, improve air quality and help biodiversity.

Natural Pools - Bio-lakes

Aquatic ecosystems where the flora and fauna are so well balanced that you can bathe in them, surrounded by nature in a controlled environment.

Public Green

We don’t just deal in the maintenance of public parks and flower-beds! We also provide services in designing and constructing public green spaces with the necessary skills to do so.

Wild Gardens

This lawn alternative comes with a very high ecological value and is formed by planting native plants that are specially selected for every location.

Lawns and Irrigation Systems

What will the lawn be used for? Which seed mixture should you use? How can you manage water resources efficiently and responsibly? These are just some of the important questions to ask yourself before laying a lawn.

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