Parks and Gardens

Our company is deals in creating parks and gardens and offering an in-depth technical consultancy service.
These are some types of spaces we have worked on in the past:

  • business gardens
  • family gardens;
  • country gardens;
  • modern gardens;
  • oriental gardens;
  • romantic gardens;
  • rustic gardens;
  • gardens on the Friulian Prealps;
  • gardens on the sea of Trieste;
  • hedge mazes;
  • water features;
  • succulents and rockeries;
  • wild gardens.

Enchanting gardens, enriched with features and furnishings chosen ad hoc that make the project the best it can be; spaces created with attention to detail and always ensuring to respect and make the most of nature by using SLOW-GREEN® solutions.

Our company also has its own official garden at our offices: Il Giardino di De Pra. Our offices at Il Giardino di De Pra also we have a special garden, or testing field, where our company conducts cultivation experiments that help us grow our own skills and knowledge.

With native trees, such as tilia, acer campestre and hornbeams, framing the garden, the grounds within reveal a mosaic of gardens that showcase the creations we have to offer.

You can visit a rich orchard with Cherry, Plum, Apple, Fig, Quince, Medlar, Hazelnut and jujube trees. In a more sheltered part of the garden, not far from the offices, you can also find Mediterranean plants such as the Cork oak and Olive tree. Showering the garden in perfume all year round, there are also collections of Irises, Roses, Peonies and Daylillies. Besides the rich vegetation, our garden is complete with outdoor furniture, a small lake where our goldfish live and other little details that make every angle unique.
The upkeep of the garden is entrusted to Emanuela, whose passion and green thumbs provide us with continuous surprises.

A place to visit for anyone who wants to see first-hand the possibilities of any green space.

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