Natural Pools - Bio-lakes

At IL GIARDINO we specialise in the design and creation of bio-lakes that you can swim in, genuine aquatic ecosystems with the ability to evolve over time. These complex natural organisms are capable of enriching any garden.
These microcosms improve the flora and fauna of the man-made environment they are inserted into and are sources of biodiversity capable of bringing harmony and beauty, SLOW-GREEN® Solutions.

Your bio-lake your way; designed according to your style, and reflecting your nature.

In order to create bio-lakes highly specialised construction techniques are needed. It is important not to underestimate installation times, or to overlook the quality of materials, the size of the space available nor our client’s requirements. That’s why at IL GIARDINO we are committed to guaranteeing a turnkey service and to install natural pools that are both durable and unique.

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