Water garden

Whether of natural or artificial origin, the presence of water in a garden gives always an extraordinary impact. Natural or traditional swimming pools, ponds, streams and rivers with waterfalls give shape to a particularly charming landscape.
In the organic garden, respectful of the environmental equilibrium, water is fundamental: a pond with fish and its plants give life to a microcosm of rare beauty.
Swimming pools, with different shapes and sizes depending on the site availabilty, set in the right flooring, may it be natural, composite wood, natural stone (from Prun, Piasentina, Botticino, Torreano, Istria, Trani, Porfido, Luserna) or in a variety of finishes made possible by stoneware, offer an exciting setting.

Sono costretto a continue trasformazioni, perché tutto cresce e rinverdisce insomma, a forza di trasformazioni, io inseguo la natura senza poterla afferrare.
Claude Monet