The Garden… our office

The garden of our headquarters was born from different needs that has been accrued over time: it has always been the test field for our experiments and crops.

In the most external areas it is composed of autochthonous species: there is also a fountain, a small space for the pond with goldfish and a rich orchard with cherries, plums, apples, figs, quinces, medlars, hazelnuts and giuggiolis tree.

In the most sheltered area near the offices we find the Mediterranean plants such as the Strawberry tree, a sculptural Sughera and the Olive tree.

There is also the vegetable garden for the family: the amateur cultivation of vegetables is continuous and changes from season to season.

Worthy of mention are the collections of Iris, Rose, Peonies and Hemerocallis that color and perfume the garden all year round.

The merit of our garden goes to Emanuela: with her passion and direction gives us continuous surprises.