Restoring areas of historical and environmental value

Monumental parks and gardens have a historical, cultural and landscape value that has to be protected and cured. In particular, they represent charming and historical elements for which, monumental trees, for their ancientness, require particular care.

The intervention program is fixed after careful visual and instrumental analyses without omitting the historical facts connected to the life of the specimen.

These specimens, often grand, require pruning to rebalance the foliage, verifying the anchorages and consolidations, manuring the soil with instruments and products that are the most suited.
All in all, the operations have to be studied with attention and done with the maximum adoitness possibile.

An extraordinary experience has been the collaboration in the recovery of the Stalis island, a place dear to Ippolito Nievo. The wise direction of architect Paolo De Rocco, a real master of Friulian landscapes, combined with our passion, gave us the opportunity to restore the green area and safeguard the poetry of this particularly valuable site.