Inspections of stability

Trees with problematic and very dangerous wood conditions can live in precarious equilibrium situations for years to then suddenly collapse under the force of atmospheric agents.
Il Giardino disposes of non-invasive instruments to put the whole tree through careful inspections amongst which the most important is the tridimensional sonic impulse tomograph. The 3D tomograph allows the tree to undergo tridimensional computerized tomography. The data collected is sent to a computer that elaborates it. The result is a CAT of the section inspected: the condition of the wood is visualized in a tridimensional tomogram in different colors.
The method is based on the measurement of the transmission and return time of a sonic wave: by the position of the sensors and by the transmission time the speed of the distance covered by the sonic wave can be estimated.
When the values of this speed are high the wood tissues analyzed are healthy; on the contrary, inferior values of speed with respect to those normal for the species indicate an anomaly due to the xylem conditions.It has been a while that we dispose of the Resistograph, an instrument revealing the internal condition of the wood by measuring the resistance encountered by a microprobe during the act of perforating the tree.