Ideas and projects – What can we do

For over 30 years we have been providing our clients with the best outdoor layouts and designs, offering a complete service from start to finish. We custom our services to the client’s needs fixing any problem, creating high quality and low maintenance gardens, dealing with all the aspects of an outdoor space – from basic structure to details.

Our proposals are fully developed so that the customer understands what we are going to achieve. It starts from a first draft, which consists in mapping the location and needs, followed by the executive project of both plants and installation.  Constructions’ details and plants’ choices are linked to each other, creating an harmonious composition.

We promote the inclusion of indigenous varieties that are easy rooting to ensure long-lasting creations that are going to acquire value over time. A green space in harmony with nature is able to move you with the simple fragrance of a blossomed flower or with the flavour of a fruit just picked and grown by you.