Biostimulation and inspection of the radical apparatusproximity

The radical apparatus of a plant, especially when inserted in an urban context (tree-lined streets, flowerbeds, lay-bys) is not a part that benefits from particular attention (excavations, refacing of road surface, narrowness of space, scarcity of nutrients); yet it has a role of primary importance for the development and stability of the plant itself. From these considerations comes the necessity to bring nutritional and amendment elements able to restore the the biochemical equilibrium of the soil. The use of mycorhiza, which is the use of symbiont fungi, in fertilization, results as useful in radical absorption and increases resistance to environmental stress.

The fertilization of the hypogean apparatus, according to the characteristics of the plant and the site, is brought about in different ways:

  • distribution on the surface and in the earth of mixtures of fertilizers, nutrients and substances that improve the biological activity and the structure of the soil;
  • administering, through holes and drilling, mineral elements in profundity near the absorbing roots;
  • “insufflation” through a pressure controlled flow of air (Air-Tree) of materials (solids, liquids and biological) such as a kind of homogeneous injection that permits renewal, fertilization, irrigation and aeration of the soil.

The inspection of the radical apparatus becomes necessary when its stability has to be understood; this check is made using a device (Air-Root) supplied with a compressor that is able to generate a jet of air that comes out at a speed that is double of that of sound. The jet of air is able to break up the surface layers of the soil and even to remove them as needed; the breaking of the soil takes place without provoking any type of lesion to the root cap and does not damage the roots.

The fields of application, besides the inspection of the hypogean zone, can be the decompression of tree-lined areas and/or green areas, sports fields and golf courses, equitation fields, etc….