Plant care

The planting process

Collaborating with experts in plant pathology from all over Italy, our team gets to work, taking specialised measures throughout the planting process, including an in-depth study and a full analysis of both its morphological and physiological processes in order to prevent, resolve or contain phytosanitary problems.

Thanks to the constant training of all our company staff, IL GIARDINO takes utmost care of plants in a professional and competent manner, making use of the methods, equipment and software that are best suited to the specific needs, resolving even the most complex situations.

Respecting the natural balance of plants

Our services are designed and offered fully respecting the plants and their ecosystems, taking care to use active ingredients with low environmental impact and non-invasive investigation and treatment methods.

Interested in an accurate root diagnosis?

For evaluations and analyses of plants or green spaces visit the CONTACT section. There you can find out more information and get assistance on official quotes and services, so you can start planning your next project.