Biostimulation and root diagnoses

Root diagnosis

A plant’s root system often does not receive adequate attention, especially where they are planted in urban areas such as tree-lined avenues, flowerbeds, plots, etc. In these situations, it is often the victim of excavations, road resurfacing, a lack of nutrients, or a cramped space. Supplying nutrients and soil improvers that restore the soil’s biochemical balance is therefore the method implemented in order to support the whole plant’s root system. The goal is to increase its resistance to environmental stresses, which is also helped by mixtures of symbiotic fungi (mycorrhiza).

Root system surveys are carried out in order to check the stability of the plant, benefitting from the use of non-invasive tools like the three-dimensional sonic-impulse tomograph Arboradix and the Air Root; with the latter able to delicately clean the root system, allowing for a visual analysis and the subsequent highly effective remediation and root surgery.

Deep root fertilisation

Here are some deep root fertilisation methods, keeping both the plant and area in mind:

  • through the distribution of fertiliser, nutrients and substances, both above and beneath the ground, that improve the biological activity and the structure of the land;
  • by administering minerals deep into the soil, near the absorbent roots, through cavities and drilled holes;
  • through root collar excavation by means of a tool that blows air at a controlled pressure (Air-Tree) filled with special phytopharmaceutical and phytotherapeutic products (solid, liquid and biological): a kind of homogenous injection that allows for the renewal, fertilisation, irrigation and aeration of the soil.

This type of fertilisation is also particularly effective for the decompression of tree-lined areas and/or green areas, sports fields, golf greens, riding grounds and many others.

Interested in an accurate root diagnosis?

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