Taking care of your plants

Plant care

Taking care of your plants means taking measures, particularly preventative ones, that aim to keep them safe, healthy, and that respect their physiological balances, from the moment they are planted.

Tree surveys

IL GIARDINO carries out surveys into the conditions of trees and their wood through the use of non-invasive instruments such as the three-dimensional ultrasonic tomograph.

Urban and ornamental arboriculture

Properly pruning an ornamental tree using modern techniques has three main advantages: preventing breakages in trees with clear structural defects, helping to regulate the leaf mass, and reducing dryness in the crown. Pruning a tree properly maintains both its appearance and health.

Recovering historic / environmental areas

These are areas with high historic, cultural or landscape value that require delicate and professional recovery operations. They are often spaces that contain precious monumental trees whose species is protected, making it necessary to intervene with specific expertise.

Crown care

Prompt and attentive services in cabling long malformed or co-dominant branches are fundamental to preventing eventual breakages caused by the meteorological forces, such as wind and snow. Before the work is started, a detailed analysis must be done to precisely determine where and how the service will be done.

Biostimulation and root diagnoses

Studying, analysing and intervening in the root system by supplying nutrients and soil improvers that restore the biochemical balance of the soil: these are some of the services that we offer with special equipment designed to resolve or prevent phytosanitary problems in a plant’s root system, which is all too often overlooked.

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