The Company

Our Story

Il Giardino di De Pra offers prompt and fully integrated services in the field of environmental management, from planning outdoor spaces to the realisation of more complex sites. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, our company has the expertise to provide in-depth technical advice to our clients, providing a team of experts and specialised workers. The result is a collection of constructive turnkey solutions, designed in full respect of the surrounding environment and of the requirements of those who choose Il Giardino di De Pra.

From the idea to the project

Il Giardino di De Pra transforms ideas into peaceful creations that are made to measure for our clients. Some of the main services offered:

  • renovating, maintaining and creating private and public green spaces;
  • designing bio-lakes, recommending the conversion of traditional swimming pools into phyto purification systems;
  • creating natural self-sufficient ecosystems;
  • Prompt execution of specific pesticide treatments, stability analysis, arboreal recovery;
  • maintaining low-maintenance gardens;
  • maintaining lawns;
  • constructing and remotely managing high-tech irrigation systems, making use of meteorological data;
  • land set-up and preparation;
  • study of the viability and containment of the land with stone walls;
  • planting native species that easily take root and which acquire more and more value from year to year.

Our Services


In-depth technical advice for tailor-made landscaping solutions: our goal is to provide our clients with a wide range of collaborative services, from setting a price to maintaining the space after its creation is complete.


For the best results, every phase of the creation of an outdoor space must be well thought-out, transforming ideas into precise designs that are both practical and original.


Whether we are reimagining gardens, or designing solutions to green roofs, terraces and other spaces that fill our lives with pockets of greenery: our creations take you on a journey to rediscover nature.

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